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    "I loved working with Laura. Although I can’t say I’m totally happy with the results. My knee tattoos are uneven and the line work is less then ideal, I believe she pressed far too hard and made some of the words thicker then other I have many tattoos and so I feel pretty confident in knowing what’s pressing too hard and not when it comes to how it heals and what it looks like when it’s healed. Her price is a little out there as she is an apprentice. I am happy with her costumer services and it was a very clean place over all."

    "I went with my friend yesterday to have our cartilage pierced and Jenny was the one to take care of us. She was awesome!! I was a little nervous to get my piercing but she talked to me as she did it and she was also super quick so I didn’t feel much at all. Will definitely be back for another piercing at some point. The other workers there also seemed friendly and welcoming. Thanks so much Jenny! You are the best!"

    "I've had some of my best traditional tattoos ever from L. Soon to be a client again. Line work is amazing"


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